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Te Ipukarea


Tāmata Toiere will only display waiata and haka that have the full approval and consent of the composer, their whānau, hapū or iwi. Therefore, the repository will only grow with the help of contributors.

If you are a composer or you have compositions by whānau that you would like to contribute to the repository, please contact us. Alternatively, if there is material from your own hapū or iwi that is not on the site, please contact your iwi representatives and encourage them to contribute.

Full recognition will be given to the composer of the waiata/haka. Where the composer is unknown, the hapū/iwi will be acknowledged. All contributors will also be acknowledged for the information they have supplied. This will provide a reference for the people who use the site, so that it is understood where the information came from.

If there is a composition you wish to contribute but you only have the lyrics at this time, it would still be extremely valuable. We can load the lyrics to begin with and get a page started for the composition; then we can always add the other information at a later date.